Vmp1 - SNV Details

 Gene Information 
Gene Name Vmp1
Old Gene Names for Vmp1 Tmem49 , 3110098i04rik , 4930579a11rik , Ai787464
Gene Description vacuole membrane protein 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1923159]
Uniprot Name
Gene GO
autophagic vacuole membrane; endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi intermediate compartment membrane; integral to membrane; endoplasmic reticulum; regulation of autophagy; protein binding; cell-cell adhesion; pre-autophagosomal structure; autophagy; embryo implantation; plasma membrane; cell junction assembly; molecular_function
Homolog in other species VMP1
Omim http://omim.org/entry/611753
Novel Yes

 Mutation Information 
Mutation Type Non-synonymous
Ensembl ID ENSMUSG00000018171
Chromosome 11
Coordinate 86,607,193     (Assembly: GRCm38)    
Ref Base T
Codon Change Att/Ttt
Var Base A
Zygosity Heterozygous
Read Depth 22
Allele Frequency
Amino Acid Position 299
Amino Acid Change I->F (Isoleucine -> Phenylalanine)
Sample ID IGL02207
Median Base Quality 37
Backgrounds C57BL/6NCrl
Source Australian Phenomics Facility (APF-G1)
Other variants in this mouse 71 Other Mutations

Polyphen Score 0.01
Polyphen Prediction Benign
Sift Score 0.03
Sift Prediction deleterious

 Availability Details 
Availability Progeny Cryopreserved